Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Interview Questions for SIS / CIA Management Tools

One of the upcoming assignments in this class is to conduct a 15 question interview with the person(s) who runs / maintains the Student Information System (SIS) and Curriculum / Instruction / Assessment (CIA) system(s) used in the Reading School District. Following are the proposed interview questions:

  1. What is/are the name(s) of the SIS / CIA system(s) used in Reading School District?

  2. When were the current systems installed?

  3. Were the systems installed in multiple phases?

  4. What system was the first priority when the systems were originally installed?

  5. Which of the following student information tracked in the SIS systems? class attendance, tardies, referrals, schedules, grades.

  6. Is the system integrated so that a student’s history can be tracked from year to year and school to school?

  7. Is there any overlap of data among different systems?

  8. How does Reading School District use data warehousing? How much history is warehoused?

  9. Was there a team of people involved in the selection process? How was the team chosen and what different groups were represented in the selection process?

  10. What kind of security measures are part of the system?

  11. What is the maximum capacity of the system in terms of concurrent users / students?

  12. What types of reporting is available in the SIS / CIA?

  13. What kinds of reports are currently being used and by whom?

  14. What are future plans for system expansion?

  15. If you were choosing a new system today, would you choose the same system we are currently using? Why or why not?

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