Thursday, July 15, 2010

Multiple Representations

The following PowerPoint presentation explains the significance of multiple representations in the teaching of mathematics:

The primary website is

This PowerPoint presentation gives an overview of multiple representations. For example, it discusses eight widely used representational systems in the teaching and learning of mathematics:

  1. Written symbols
  2. Descriptive written words
  3. Pictures or diagrams
  4. Concrete models / manipulatives
  5. Concrete / Realia
  6. Spoken language / Oral representation
  7. Experience-based
  8. School word problems
The paper then goes on to give a specific example of a math multiplication problem in three different representations. Finally, the author provides a "Top Ten" List of reasons to use multiple representations in the teaching of mathematics.

This is an excellent paper. What I find interesting is that, with the exception of the three examples presented, most of this PowerPoint presentation is targeted towards oral learners, as there are LOTS of words and very little else used in this presentation. As an oral learner myself, I find this appealing, but I have found that even adding a few pictures to slides makes them more attractive and helps many students to learn better.

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  1. As you say the presentation uses lots of words but I agree that the different representations could be effective tools.